cruel summer

I hate my days around this time... My german blog sucks at the moment. I messed it up and got no idea for a good new design and (more important) even no time to implement it! I'll have an Operatingsystems-Examination i a few days annd got no clue. The company where i'll absolvate a practical course in my summer freetime don't mails back. And i got no time to lern couse i have to work couse the practical cource is unpayed, so i will have no loan for about three week's. My allday-life sucks this summer.


Visor Dirrrrty Hack

Okay, this is the dirtyest thing i ever made.
But it works (tested on iBook G4 & MAC OS X.4.7)!

The Target was: Who Visor get the feeling of a Standalone-Background-Application?

But the Answer is a hard piece of shit:
  1. Get SMLB!
  2. Get Visor!
  3. Install both!
  4. Get a good free hotkey for the Visor!
  5. Dublikate your ""! Should be found in "Applications" (simply copy it - should work)
  6. Rename the copy of the Terminal (mine is "Visor" your's should be, too!)
    Okay that was easy? Wasn't it?
  7. Go to the new "" and show the package contents.
    1. A right Mouseclick or cmd+click!
    2. Choose "show package contents"
  8. Get in the Folder "Contents" and open the file called "Info.plist". Open it!
  9. Write the key so in it that you hold the alphabetical order: <key>LSUIElement</key><integer>1</integer>
    So the "" will be hidden from the Dock at startup!
  10. Safe it and close eveything!
  11. Get this App! Unzip and drop it where ever you like it!
  12. Go to you Userpreferences and make it a Startup Application
  13. You got it!

Questions? Drop a line! Everybody is able to comment this article.

Thanks for your Attention,

Visor Plugin for Terminal

Okay folks, under Linux there is Yakuake and tilda. They are both stylish drop-down-terminals for linux. If you knew that and your sitting in front of a Mac your surly had the thougt: "Why is a mac os x compilant?"
Now there is visor. A SMLB-plugin for the terminal. You will think: "Hey, dude. What is the hook?" I'll tell ya;

You need to start the terminal to access the drop-down-term by hotkey. And you'll think: "Okay, i decline my term as a startupitem and we're fine!" Do you really think so? If you start up the terminal you will notice that the terminal is showing a window. To shoot it down at startup download this script. And set the .app (you can get the .app here) right behind the terminal. It simply closes the shown terminal window. It was tested at an iBook G4 under 10.4.6. Have a try and let my if it was usefull to you. It's Freeware!

And that's it. The term is runnig with now window and lets you access the visorr by hotkey.
So far, a lot of love and good sex to you.


Do you AOL?

Hi Folks,
did you ever tried to cancel your account at your internet-provider?
It will only take 20 minutes to you to realize that it's gonna be a hard piece of work.
Have a look at this.



Hello, I'll start this Blog and simply write things down that I gonna racognize. Excuse my bad english. I'm tying to keep it intresting and nerdy.