Visor Dirrrrty Hack

Okay, this is the dirtyest thing i ever made.
But it works (tested on iBook G4 & MAC OS X.4.7)!

The Target was: Who Visor get the feeling of a Standalone-Background-Application?

But the Answer is a hard piece of shit:
  1. Get SMLB!
  2. Get Visor!
  3. Install both!
  4. Get a good free hotkey for the Visor!
  5. Dublikate your ""! Should be found in "Applications" (simply copy it - should work)
  6. Rename the copy of the Terminal (mine is "Visor" your's should be, too!)
    Okay that was easy? Wasn't it?
  7. Go to the new "" and show the package contents.
    1. A right Mouseclick or cmd+click!
    2. Choose "show package contents"
  8. Get in the Folder "Contents" and open the file called "Info.plist". Open it!
  9. Write the key so in it that you hold the alphabetical order: <key>LSUIElement</key><integer>1</integer>
    So the "" will be hidden from the Dock at startup!
  10. Safe it and close eveything!
  11. Get this App! Unzip and drop it where ever you like it!
  12. Go to you Userpreferences and make it a Startup Application
  13. You got it!

Questions? Drop a line! Everybody is able to comment this article.

Thanks for your Attention,


Anonymous Joel Franusic said...

Great tip, thans!

9:32 PM  
Anonymous monototo said...

Cheers, works like a charm


2:53 PM  
Anonymous montoto said...

cheers, works like a charm

2:54 PM  
Anonymous monototo said...

nice one. the only problem I've found following your instructions is if I want to pull up a usual terminal (i.e. a separate instance of //Applications/ instead of //Applications/Utilities/ and then I want to pull down the visor from overhead, it creates a second instance of visor as well, halving the opacity and confusing it when I press the hotkey to tell it to got away again.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, on my system the dock icon doesnt get hidded. I am running osx 10.4.7

10:07 AM  
Blogger a Nerd said...

I'm ruunning 10.4.7, too. And it works. Try again. Maybe you made a mistake. From a standart cofiguration, it should work.

9:26 PM  

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